Single Cavity and Multiple Cavity Dies

Moulds play a very important role single cavity and multiple cavity dies when it comes to production and finding the right mould for the right product is always debatable.

What is a single cavity mould?

Moulds of this type produce one product per production cycle. When the demand of production is low and the need for a higher locking force is high, these single cavity mould come in handy. We are specialized and are skilled in the use of these moulds to produce products in fine quality and durability.

What is a Multiple Cavity Mould?

Multiple cavity moulds consist of more than multiple cavity dies making it easy for more production in a very low production time. These are the most used as it makes the production process easy and convenient. We make use of these injection moulds to produce precise products in a short span of time.

We have both these moulds that make us produce prime quality products with precision.

  • Quality products
  • High production in less time and cost